Steve U.S – Glory – Mp4

Steve U.S – Glory – Mp4
Steve U.S – Glory – Mp4

WACTH Steve U.S – Glory – Mp4

Nigerian Christian music recording artist, singer and songwriter Steve U.S is here on 9japraise with his official music video titled Glory
STEVE-U.S Is a native of BEKWARRA LGA in Cross River State Nigeria where he was born and raised by his biological parents.
He attended Community Primary School Ibiaragidi where he obtained his school Cert. he proceeds to Trinity Commercial College until he wrote his junior WAEC.
He Then proceeds to St Thamos’s College Ogoja,after his SSCE in 2004.
In 2008, he got admitted into the School of preliminary and Remedial Studies the then APA University Benue state in search for admission into tertiary institution and later left to secure admission into the University of jos where he obtained “Diploma in Law” Upper Credit,2011.
After several years, God showed him mercy in 2013,through UTME he got admitted into the University of Calabar for his degree where he obtained B.A in HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES.with merit.
He is presently running his Master’s program in Peace and Conflicts Resolutions at FULAFIA.
The young and Talented Singer was raised by his parents loving God from childhood, he grew up and started serving God in Catholic Church where he loves being identified among chorister and was skillfully displaying his musical talent in playing all the local musical instruments as at that time and was so discipline and mercy found him and he was given the position of a CHOIR MASTER in 2005.
In 2008, In APA UNIVERSITY God still located me with the position of a CHOIR MASTER under NFCS Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students.
HERE God showed up finally and he had an unforgettable DREAM at night where he saw people well dressed from his guess…they were Angels of the most high God, they took him to a high mountain and thought him a SONG, he woke up only to find out that it was a dream but he picked up his pen and wrote the song down and that was the beginning of his music calling and he haven’t yet recovered from having such awesome encounters of receiving SONGS upon SONGS.
Out of this burning desire
God started ordering his steps and he Located Dunamis Int’l Gospel Center Abuja HQR,where he rededicated his Life to God afresh and God has been using him in his own way.
He loved going out for Soul winning as he desire to depopulate hell by bringing back the “lost”to the house of God.
There are other touching stories about leading to his breakthrough, to mention one” no matter what he does to amount to success, turns out abortive and whenever he goes to God in prayers to know why, he consistently received songs in place of his questions” this is a mystery behind his calling only God knows why” stay with him for more…
 I prayed to God to lead me in choosing my crew because being unannounced many wouldn’t follow you and I went to bed and I had a Dream,God revealed the faces of all the crew members standing right in a hall singing the “chorus” of this song while I walked in and joined them only for me to wake up and find out that it was a dream but..
Then the holy spirit led me to Haggai 2:7-8
Exodus 33:14-15,18 where I lifted some words of the verses from.
So when the glory of God is upon a man he will lack nothing also Isa.60:1 says arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the lord rises upon you.
Song  lyrics
Heyyyy eh iyhh ! let your Glory fill this place
We need your presence in this place
(Oo wuo oo )
We need your presence in this place
(master of the universe).
Show us your presence in this place
(To cover the universe)
Spread thy glory in this place…..
Let your Glory, glory
Fill this place…
Let your Glory, glory
Fill this place…
Let your Glory, glory
Fill this place…O Lord…
You Own the Silver
There are..
The Earth..
And it fullness
What can we..
You own the silver and the gold
They are yours
The Earth is of the Lord
And Its fullness
What can we do without You Lord
We can do nothing
The Ground we stand belongs to you…
Adlibs to chorus:
Let your Glory!
Fill this place
let your Glory
Fill this place
Sing let your Glory
Fill this place
Holy ghost chant
Sing let your Glory
Fill this place
Sing Let your Glory
That’s what…
That’s we need
That’s what we want
Holy ghost chant
Ehey yi yi yi
Oh Lord
Let your Glory
Fill the Earth. (8x)
Lord fill the Earth
The demons Can’t withstand your glory
Oh wuoo wu wu
We go no further except
With you
Then show us your glory
Eh! yeh iyeh yi
Oh wo u wu o
Let your Glory, glory fill this place… O Lord yeh!
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15 thoughts on “Steve U.S – Glory – Mp4

  1. The presence of the lord is visibly present in this song. The song changed the atmosphere of the house and totally turn everyone into a worshipper

  2. Indeed, when God needs a man for his use and glory, he takes him through a tunnel called. PROCESS PART. . Have been there because this is the exact story of my life. . Before the Glory there are Stories. Trusting God with you beloved Min. That your voice will bring healing, restoration, and salvation to all.

  3. Daddy let your Glory full our heart and life so that demons won’t be able to withstand your Glory in our life ,Amennnnnn this is such an inspiring ministration, we’ve got to know now that since our heavenly father owns all then we are ” the children of God will also benefit from it

  4. I pray that the glory of the most high God will never be found wanting in your life and our life’s, God bless you minister Steve for bringing this to us at the right time..

  5. 22|12|2023
    Minister Akpa, Steve U.
    Dear Sir,

    This is wishing you the very best of wishes on the occasion of your Song anniversary.

    May the years ahead be even more blessed with songs.

  6. More grace my friend, I always knew you will go places, congratulation dear,may your light never go dim may it continues to shine in Jesus name Amen. Happy for you

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