Rosaric _ Ibaha Owo – Mp3

Rosaric _ Ibaha Owo – Mp3

DOWNLOAD Rosaric _ Ibaha Owo – Mp3

Gospel Artist Rosaric who is currently based in Akwa Ibom State is here on 9japraise with his brand new hit single titled Ibaha Owo, the song implies that there’s no one like God. In life you may be disappointed in people you rely on, sometimes human beings gets tired of helping you, they are bound to promise without fulfilling them but in the midst of it there is no one like God.

God is the story changer. He always step in when all hope is gone, he makes away where there is no way. Ibaha owo speaks of the undying love of God towards men.
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Hallelujah…. Wonderful God ohhh
Ibaha owo si tie nte afo
Ohh oh ohh ohhh Jehovah ama ami o
Ibaha owo si tie nte afo
You’ve been the eyes to the blind man
Great God oh….
You’ve give legs to the lame to walk 
Possibility God ohh,
My story you’ve change unchangeable changer
Amanam ohhh
Jehovah ibaha Owo si tie nte afo (2x)
Afo amanam 
Se owo mikemeke ndi nam
Lion of Judah..
Ama ami mbiet mfo iduhe ohhh. (2x)
Padada dadada dadada
Ha ha ha ha oh oh oh oh
You’ve done many things for me..
You’ve made a way for me oh Jehovah
Ibaha owo si tie nte afo
Ayo …oh oh ohhh
Ayo…oh oh ohhh
Amami ibaha Owo si tie nte afo. (2x)
You’ve been the help to the helpless,
Great Father ohh
You are the answers to the widows..
Miracle worker 
You are the rock on which I stand..
Unchangeable changer
Amanam ohhh
Jehovah ibaha owo si tie nte afo (2x)
Afo amanam
Se owo mi kemeke di nam.
Lion of Judea..oh
Jehovah ibaha owo si tie nte afo (2x)

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  1. Wow this is one of the most inspiring song I have listen to in a long while… Am happy that Nigerian gosple artist like Rosaric are making impact by singing purpose driven music.

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