Tru Mantra – Butter Bread – Mp3

Tru Mantra – Butter Bread – Mp3

DOWNLOAD Tru Mantra – Butter Bread – Mp3

In Butter BreadTru Mantra sounds a word of caution. The visuals juxtapose the exuberance of evil with the simplicity of good. The wrong choice is often presented deceptively and the unwise are prone to fall for it.

The duo sings “Butter Bread” as an antidote to the siren call that pervades daily life and the culture of our times. Listen closely and you will love it. Jesus is the Bread of Life and to buy this bread is to overcome darkness with His light.

Enjoy another musical adventure with Tru Mantra and let the lyrics of the song help you reaffirm your choice to choose Jesus everyday!

Download and enjoy below

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