Jlyricz – Nnuku Nna – Mp3

Jlyricz – Nnuku Nna – Mp3

Download Jlyricz – Nnuku Nna – Mp3

Nigerian singer-songwriter Jlyricz releases his third single of the year titled “Nnuku Nna” which means “Great Father” in Igbo, is a groovy high tempo Highlife tune that declares the loving kindness of The Almighty and how He caters for us His children.

It also reveres Him with adulations and veneration. The song is praise heavy and comes with beautiful melodies and heavy groove to match.

“I wrote Nnuku Nna during a phase of my life when things looked bleak and I was surrounded by so much gloom. I was alone and all I had was Him at that point and I knew He would come through and boy; He did with style and finesse. I pray this song gets to every one it is meant to and it touches them in ways it is meant to and it gives them reasons to praise Abba” – Jlyricz.

Download and enjoy below

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