Dunsin Oyekan – When I See You – Mp3

Dunsin Oyekan – When I See You – Mp3

Download Dunsin Oyekan – When I See You – Mp3

Dunsin Oyekan, has released his highly-anticipated new album, “The Birth of Revival,” on January 22, 2023. This 14-track album, now available for download below. The album features powerful songs (including the earlier released song Finger of God) that are guaranteed to inspire and cause a revival in the hearts of listeners.

With a unique blend of contemporary gospel music and African rhythms and melodies, the album showcases Dunsin’s powerful voice and dynamic stage presence. As a leading figure in the gospel music scene for over a decade, he is known for his ability to connect with audiences through his music.

“The Birth of Revival” is a must-have for gospel music enthusiasts and those seeking uplifting and inspiring music. It is an album that will leave listeners encouraged and inspired to deepen their relationship with God, and cause a spiritual revival in their hearts. So, it is highly recommended to all.

Download and enjoy below

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